Will Accelerate still take place due to Coronavirus' impact? 

No. As a member-based association and user group, NetVU has a responsibility to inform and care for our members and their needs every day through every interaction.

NetVU is closely monitoring COVID-19's continued impact on the United States and around the world. The health and safety of our members, our communities and staff are of utmost importance; therefore, NetVU has made the difficult decision to cancel this year’s Accelerate 2020 Conference in Minneapolis, MN.

In the coming weeks, NetVU is committed to addressing the concerns of attendees as well as the hundreds of agreements, policies and commitments.  We wanted to take a moment to address your housing reservations and your Accelerate registration.  Please watch NCOM or contact Info@NetVU.org with questions.

Please review a full update from our leadership regarding Accelerate 2020. 


How do I cancel our housing block or hotel room? 

If you booked within our Accelerate housing block, our partner, MCI USA Housing will immediately administer cancellations for reservations on your behalf. If you made your hotel reservations outside our block you will need to cancel with the hotel directly. We are working through the refund process to make it as easy as possible and will have an update shortly.   For additional questions about your housing accommodations, please contact netvu@mcievents.com.


What are the options for 2020 registration cancellations?

You may now cancel your registration for a full refund, or we will transfer your registration to Accelerate 2021 at your request via writing at no additional cost. Please send your request to netvu@mcievents.com. Any registrations not cancelled or transferred by Thursday, April 30 will be cancelled and refunded for you.

Where will 2021 be held? 

We look forward to seeing you at the Accelerate 2021 Conference in Denver, CO. May 19-22, 2021! Registration will be available Fall 2020.


Have other questions?

Contact Info@NetVU.org  for all other inquiries.